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:: Master Furukawa

Master in Taekwondo
5th Degree Black belt in Taekwondo
1st Degree in Hapkido

2004 US National Taekwondo Championship / Jr. Olympic

WA State Head Coach


Master Furukawa

I started studying Taekwondo when I was 15 years old. My first year in the States was a nightmare for me. I didnít have any close friends, so I just watched a lot of TV. Then I got fed up and decided to do something for myself; I chose Taekwondo. I trained really hard and worked out almost everyday. It was intense, but I loved it. As I became better and better, I got in shape, made more friends, and earned several medals. Ten years have passed since then, and I still love Taekwondo. I started instructing in 1996. Itís been challenging to teach Taekwondo in English since Iím not a native speaker, but all of the students have been really nice to me and very supportive. I really enjoy teaching. I'm currently a 5th Degree Black Belt.