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:: the spirit of taekwondo
  • respect
  • courage
  • courtesy
  • humility
  • integrity
  • perseverance
  • self-control
  • indomitable spirit

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hwang's home rules


taekwondo is a way of life that promotes respect and honor. this fact is probably most visible in the lives of the children who have humbled themselves to learn this truth.

following are the seven children's home rules that are mandatory for all students age 16 or younger.

  1. children shall greet their parents with "hi, mom! hi, dad!" when they enter the house and tell their parents "goodbye!" when the leave.

  2. children will always be respectful of their parents, teachers, and elders.

  3. children will be kind to their brothers and sisters.

  4. children will keep the household neat and clean.

  5. children will keep their hair, body and teeth clean daily.

  6. children will not interrupt adult conversations.

  7. children will fix the recipe for straight a's daily!

    1. when you come home form school, open the refrigerator and have a glass of milk or juice.

    2. open your book and review what you studied today.

    3. do your homework.

    4. preview what you will study tomorrow.

children who do not obey their parents cheerfully may be reduced in rank.

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