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:: the spirit of taekwondo
  • respect
  • courage
  • courtesy
  • humility
  • integrity
  • perseverance
  • self-control
  • indomitable spirit

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taekwondo oath


an oath is a solemn promise: a formal or legally binding pledge to do something.

the taekwondo oath is a pledge to be a defender of life, supportive of others, and a promoter of the way.

the taekwondo oath is recited aloud at the beginning and end of every class. it instills a sense of responsibility and self-discipline as well as respect for one's self and others.

when reciting the spirit of taekwondo and the taekwondo oath, students should do so with heartfelt meaning and conviction. they should be made aware of how taekwondo can help them and others in the everyday live, not just in the dojang.

the taekwondo oath is:

  1. i shall abide by the spirit of taekwondo.

  2. i shall comply with regulations and obey instructors.

  3. i shall respect instructors and seniors.

  4. we as students are united in mutual friendship.

  5. i shall never misuse taekwondo.


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