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Prepare your child for unlimited Success with Hwang's A+ After School Martial Arts Program!

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Our Programs


Hwang's Taekwondo School has a reputation for training strong competitors, on a state, national, and world class level. Come experience the difference yourself, and choose from any one of the variety of exciting programs shown below.

Two Week Trial Lesson

A two week trial lesson is available for only $39.95! This program is a great way to talk with other students, check out the facilities, meet the instructors, participate in classes, and have two weeks of fun!

about our two week trial lesson.


Children 4-7 Years


Our 4-7 year olds class offers a fun class for young children to begin learning Taekwondo in a relaxed setting.


Children, 8-12 Years

Children's classes teach an effective self-defense program and a means for character development and self-discipline. Children learn to concentrate and focus their energy constructively, which results in improvement in school and at home.

Adult, 13 Years & Older

Our adult program provides a comprehensive course in Taekwondo. Adults notice improvements in their coordination, flexibility, and strength. Taekwondo reduces body fat and builds muscle mass. It also helps relieve stress and tension.