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:: the spirit of taekwondo
  • respect
  • courage
  • courtesy
  • humility
  • integrity
  • perseverance
  • self-control
  • indomitable spirit

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hwang's school rules

  1. salute in respect to the national flags, when entering or leaving the training area.
  2. address properly and bow when meeting your instructor; also when leaving the may be addressed as master hwang or using korean "sa-bumnim". proper respect will be given to all persons of higher rank, and common courtesy and respect will be extended to all individuals.
  3. strict attention will be paid to the instructor at all times. talking will be kept to a minimum during class.
  4. be on time for classes.
  5. practice only those "poomsays" (forms) that have been taught to you by an instructor. do no try to skip ahead by watching higher belts.
  6. keep yourself clean at all times. toenails and fingernails must be kept trimmed.
  7. students should not bring valuables to class. the dojang is not responsible for loss or theft of valuables.
  8. for your safety, as well as the safety of others, all jewelry must be removed before training starts.
  9. shoes must be removed before entering the training area.
  10. anyone not wearing a "dobok" (uniform) will not be permitted in the training area. your dobok must be kept clean at all times.
  11. profanity, loss of temper, horseplay, loud laughing or talking, or any display of lack of self-discipline will not be tolerated.
  12. there will be no smoking, gum chewing, eating or drinking while in the dojang.
  13. there will be no sparring without the permission and supervision of master hwang.
  14. no weapons are allowed in the dojang.
  15. when master hwang calls on you in class, always respond with "yes sir" or "no sir".
  16. when sitting in class, sit with your legs crossed.
  17. when straightening your dobok and/or belt, face away from the flag and master hwang.

  18. shirts must be worn in the dojang, even in the hottest weather.
  19. hats are not allowed in the training area.
  20. if a student is planning on participating in a championship, he or she must speak with master hwang first.
  21. when giving or receiving something form master hwang or a person of a higher rank, always use both hands.
  22. be humble, not arrogant.
  23. be polite.
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